Flight Simulator      Boeing 737NG

Parts from my simulator project                                           Last update: December 2021          
for Sale


Pilot Seat  SOLD

The seat is home-build 2006-2013.

Lumbar is adjustable up-down about 70mm and in-out 20mm.

Bogies and lock system fit J-Rails from Simujabs in Spain or original Boeing J-Rails (are not include)

Price 300


Sheep skin Cover Seat

From  IPECO / Boeing 737 Pilot Seat

The cover is used and from 2004

Price: 50

Sheep skin Cover Backrest

Boeing 737 Pilot Seat Backrest

The cover is never used and from 2020 (Generation Global)

Price: 80


Panels for After OH-panel

Panels from Opencockpits 2018 never used.

Price 30

Toggle Switches NEWS

Mini switches used in my OH-Panel
White large toggle cap from Engravity fit the special made toggle extension. (not included)

-15 pc. ON-ON

-6 pc. ON-OFF-ON

Price 2/pc. or 35 for all of them.